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Severance Agreement FAQs
Most employers are not required by law to pay severance. Severance pay is thus usually the result of a severance plan or a severance agreement. We answer frequently asked questions about severance pay...

Non-competition agreement FAQs
Answers to FAQs about non-competition agreements and covenants not to compete found in employment, sale of business and consulting agreements.

Contracts and Agreements Articles

Employers Face Risks When Classifying Employees As Exempt
The 6th Circuit recently held that an employee of Belle Tire with an "executive" job description was not automatically exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") when the employee's actual duties differed from...

Statutory Independent Contractor Test Only Applies to Construction Workers
Whether a worker is an "independent contractor" or an "employee" is an important and costly issue for employers. In paying employees, employers are required to make certain withholdings, pay payroll taxes, and make unemployment and wor...

Three Recent Cases Find that Workers at Uber, FedEx, and others are Employees, not Independent Contractors
When faced with the question of whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee most courts apply the common law test. Under that test the central question is "who had the right to control the manner or means of doing the work?" The...

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